This section is dedicated to some of our chillers and heat pumps installations made in the past years.

 Our CF industrial water chillers can be used mainly in two fields: air conditioning and industrial cooling process.

 A distinction between these two sectors of application must be drawn because the use conditions change quite considerably. Indeed, when installed in an air conditioning system, a water chiller works approximately three months per year, while a water chiller used in industrial cooling process works all year long and basically every day.

 Considering this enormous difference, we subdivide our installations in two main categories: private air conditioning and industrial cooling process. The second one includes many different applications depending on the type of sectors the industries belong.


1 – AIR CONDITIONING: We would like to share some examples of our industrial water chillers and heat pumps installations in air conditioning systems of public buildings, private houses, hotels, schools, shopping centres etc.


 2 – INDUSTRIAL COOLING PROCESS: this section is dedicated to the several kind of installations CF Chiller made in industrial cooling processes. This sector is very large and diverse, consequently every application in a productive process requires different characteristics and configurations. To make the consultation of our references easier, we gathered the sectors in different categories, so that the custumers can quickly identify examples of installations in processes similar to their own.

2.1 – FOOD AND BEVERAGE: examples of water chillers installed in food and beverage production process

2.2 – BIOGAS: examples of water chiller installed in biogas plants and green energy

2.3 – CHEMICAL INDUSTRY: CF water chillers application in chemical industries

2.4 – MECHANICAL INDUSTRY: examples of CF water chillers used in mechanical engineering industries and to cool down oil of machine-tools

2.5 – PLASTIC: examples of CF water chillers used for the production and handling of plastic material

2.6 – OIL COOLING PROCESS: examples of CF water chillers  used for direct and indirect oil cooling process

2.7 – CF SKID: application of customized solutions and specific CF SKID creations

2.8 – OTHERS AND SPECIFICS: other examples of installations that don’t fit into the aforementioned cathegories


3 – REMOTE CONDENSERS: examples of water chillers applied to hybrid solutions like free-cooling systems and also remote condensers


4 – RENTAL VERSIONS: examples of water chillers installation in production process for a limited time thanks to the rental service option


Intentionally, the photos has not been elaborated to highlight our will of showing the real installation procedure of our CF water chillers and heat pumps in several systems. The frankness of our company obligates us to share authentic pictures (even if sometimes they have bad quality) as trustworthy evidences of our works.


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