Each split water consists of an indoor unit and an outdoor unit, suitable to cool environments of small and medium dimensions. The refrigerant circuit with refrigerant gas R407c.
Easy to install, simple to use, fast to any application where it is necessary to make air conditioning for a closed medium space

The unit is complete with wheels so you can easily move it from one place to another.

Useful for local non-stable like pavillons, tents ecc, otherwisefor cooling plant types garages, shops, industries, kiosks, tents etc..

The unit comes complete with 10 m hose for connecting the inside with the outside. It can choose the length of the pipes up to a maximum of 30 meters as option.

Cooling capacity: 6.6 KW
3-speed motor
hoses, hydraulic and electrical connection
Fins adjustable air outlet 45/90 °
30 mt. Max distance between indoor and outdoor units
Operation range unit: 10-30 ° C
Operation range unit estarna: 10-40 ° C
Quiet Operation
High and low pressure
Cooling capacity (26 ° C 55% IN, OUT 30 ° C): 6.7 kW
Cooling capacity (26 ° C 55% IN, 30 ° C OUT): 22900 BTU / h
Power consumption (26 ° C 55% IN, OUT 30 ° C): 2600 W
Current consumption (26 ° C 55% IN, OUT 30 ° C): 12 A
Indoor airflow as a function of speed:
   - Maximum speed of 1500 cm / h
   - Average speed 1400 cm / h
   - Low speed 1150 cm / h
Airflow outdoor unit 2100 cm / h
Refrigerant R407c / 730 g
High efficiency compressor Rotary
Sound pressure level (at 3 mts in free field) at average speed 49 dB (A)
Maximum distance between the 2 units: 30 m
Interior Dimensions WxDxH mm: 815x360x1030
External dimensions WxDxH mm: 582x360x460
Indoor unit weight 86 Kg
Outdoor unit weight 16,5 Kg
Power supply: 230/1/50
A Thermostat for ambient temperature, on the front panel control lets you choose the desired room temperature between 10 and 35 ° C.
A switch for the fan speed, which is also located on the front panel control lets you choose between 3 different indoor fan speed.
A Main switch lets you choose between three positions: OFF (stop mode) - FAN (only starts the internal fan to a preset speed) - COOL (the device cools according to the room temperature preset).


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