Use our chiller just for the time you actually need it!

 CF Chiller produces an entire range of chillers and heat pumps with rental configuration to satisfy every different needs of all our customers and to cover several application fields.

 Every chiller and heat pump available as rental version is designed and created inside our CF Chiller production site. Consequently, we can guarantee the reliability and high quality that always defined us thanks to the deep knowledge of the products our CF team has demonstrated.

 CF Chiller defines and identifies the most appropriate water chiller referring to the type of installation and the kind of performance required by our customers. Our company supplies not just the chiller for rent, but we also hire all the accessories that can simplify the installation process.

 Moreover, it can be required an assistance service for the first power-up of the chiller or the heat pump.

 When is rental solution the best solution?

-       Ice skating ring

-       Industries that need cold water to safely manage the high peack of their production

-       Industries which need cold water during the testing phase of their products

-       To deal with unexpected technical failure of your own chiller

-       Conditioning for temporary events/summits

-       Temporary solutions to deal with unforeseen accidents


 What are the advantages of hiring a chiller or a heat pump instead of buying?

-       You can use the chiller just for the time you need it

-       All the costs of a rental chiller are deductible

-       Your needs may change over time and a rental chiller is more adaptable

-       It can be used to test particular prototypes

-       The wait for a new chiller or heat pump can be long, a rental one is immediately available instead

-       You can have an extra chiller to deal with specific applications

-       You can use it in case of a new system test or plant trial


Our customers can come to visit our production sites and our stock any times; so they have the chance to view all our chillers.

Book your appointment with our sales office and come for a visit!


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