CF Chiller produces water chillers and heat pumps of different cooling powers, sizes and types. Our CF team comprises many experts in the field of industrial cooling process as well as air conditioning.

We’re proud to export our water chillers and heat pumps alla round the world thanks to a loyal sales network of distributors and area managers.

The proven experience in both the air conditioning and the industrial cooling process fields, lets CF Chiller Frigoriferi propose a large range of water chiller, air cooled and water cooled, and heat pumps that can succesfully satisfy every sort of requirement in the industrial cooling process and also in the private comfort.

Indeed, the company produces water chillers and heat pumps with different sizes and types, starting form 1 kW cooling power up to a maximum of 1000 kW.

Our CF technicians and our sales office knowledge make CF Chiller able to give the customers the best advice about the type of chiller or heat pump they need, conforming the machine at its best to achieve the preset aim.

The water chillers and the heat pumps are created and branded inside our CF Chiller production site located in Maserà (Padua): thus all our CF products are built and tested in Italy. Since the beginning of this year the company expanded and moved to a new bigger headquarters in Maserà (Padua) in order to increase our produtive capacity and sustain the increased demand of our CF machines. This growth confirms the quality and reliability of our water chillers and heat pumps. For consistency with the company’s philosofy that defines frankness as our fondamental value, our productive sites are always open and our clients are welcome to visit and view the tests conducted on our machines. This is our effort to establish with our customers a relationship of trust that can last. This opportunity is a completely free service CF Chiller Frigoriferi offers to demonstrate what is declared inside our technical catalogue corresponds with reality



CF Chiller is reaping the benefits of the good work done year after year and it registers a significant increase. Our customers find in our CF products the promised quality and reliability, as  a further proof of the fact that our engineering team is very well knowledgeable and our sales and assistance teams are professional and efficient. All the members of Cf Chiller are open to dialogue, the exchange of ideas and the collaboration among people, activities we’ve always encouraged.


The company is making remarkable investments: a new production site has been specifically set for the creation of the large sizes and high cooling power water chillers and to face the increased demand of our CF products. Moreover, the CF team is growing as well employing new members ready to share the company’s values and to give their own contribution to our mission.







CF team consists in many knowledgeable people, very professional and open to a friendly collaboration. They work all together to provide our customers an efficient, effective, convenient and functional solution.

Engineering team: always available to customize and conform all our CF Chiller services to our customers requirements

Sales team: always ready to find the best deal

Technical assistance team: you can ask for a maintentance plan in any moment

Production team: our people build the CF products from scratch. Thanks to their ability and knowledgement the CF customers buy very high quality products.

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