CF CHILLER is a team of people who profetionally works to guarantee our customers high quality products, efficient services as well as the best cooperation and relationship among people.

The company produces a large range of industrial water chillers and heat pumps to offer different cooling capacities and many technical solutions. Moreover, we propose customized solutions CF-SKID that allow you to connect a water chiller or a heat pump to critical characteristics installations, for instance: water with specific chemical composition (extremely acid or alkaline), large variation of the water temperature values (ΔT, Delta T), different flows, ect.

CF Chiller offers a very adaptable product, able to face at its best to all our customers requests of:

- heat dissipation from their productive processes using the water cooled down by our chillers (in case of industrial application)

- improving ambiental conditions reaching and keeping constant the ideal temperature and humidity level for the purpose of the spaces (in case of air conditioning using industrial water chillers).

The water chillers are machines that constantly cool down water to reach a precise temperature, previously set on a microprocessor.

The heat pumps are machines that besides the cool down process of the water (like chillers) heat up water. Mind you that the unit can produce either cold and hot water.

The chillers and heat pumps are classified in: air condensed or water condensed.

Our chillers and heat pumps are created using different components considering our engineering team technical choices and the cooling power to supply.




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CF Chiller guarantees the best price/quality ratio for reliable products, easy to maintain, ready to be installed witout any issues.

Moreover, we offer several services aimed to create a strong and enduring relationship with our customers such as: providing F-GAS certificate, maintenance service and hiring.

Indeed, CF Chiller stocks its products keeping them available for rent, so that it’s possible to use the chillers and the heat pumps just the time you actually need them: the best option to face accidents. In the dedicated section “rental” you can find the list of advatages of a rental chiller rather then bought. Also, there is the list of the available models with rental configuration.

In conclusion CF Chiller proposes the technical assistance service, not just to provide spare parts, but to offer both ordinary scheduled maintenance and extraordinary. Many of our custormers are loyal customers thanks to our maintenance service.

A beyond 15 years working experience on chillers in every sort of application fields makes CF Chiller’s team expert in air conditioning and industrial cooling process (for plastic production, welding, electroplating, food and beverage etc.)

CF Chiller is synonim of quality and warranty, it’s a brand connected to proven reliability of our products and demonstrated professionality of our CF team members!

Reliability is our foundamental value and the main characteristic that makes us recognizable among all the competitors:

-       reliability of our products

-       reliability of our CF people



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give us a call at number +39 049 8792774  

send us a fax at +39 049 8797940




Our CF Chiller team produces the following classifications of industrial chillers and heat pumps:

→ water cooled water chillers

→ air cooled water chillers

→ motocondensing and condenserless water chillers

→ water chillers with centrifugal fans

→ water chiller with the free cooling system 

→ customized water chiller according to customers’ requirements

→ customized and branded water chiller for OEM purpose (original equipment manufacturer)

→ water chiller or heat pump with SCROLL, ROTARY, SEMI HERMETIC, SCREW compressor types

→ water chillers with heat plate evaporators or shell and tube ones

→ many accessories available and spare parts as well


CF Chiller supplies its water chillers compliant with the different applications. Any application field requires specific configurations of the chiller to improve the productive process of the client or optimize the air conditioning system.

The applications we already installed our CF chillers in are:


→ water chiller or heat pump for food and beverage industries

→ water chiller or heat pump for laser industries

→ water chiller for industrial cooling process

→ water chiller or heat pumps for steel industries

→ water chiller or heat pumps for chemical and pharmaceutical industries

→ water chiller or heat pump for welding machines

→ water chiller or heat pump for biomasses sector

→ water chiller or heat pump for air conditioning in large structures like hotels and shopping cetres 



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by fax, dial number: +39 049 8797940



CF Chiller offers the possibility to rent our water chillers and heat pumps just for a certain period of time thanks to our rental service. In the dedicated area of the website you can check what we offer.

Mind you that both the water chillers and the heat pumps for rent have specific configurations, which are different from those to be sold.


Cf Chiller proposes  technical assistance service and also the post-sales assistance:

→ for the first start of the chiller (it can be done anywhere in the world thanks to our aboard CF distributors network)

→ for quotations in case of spare parts needs

→ to plan our scheduled ordinary maintenance or ask for the extraordinary maintenance service

→ to consider your used chiller collection or to modernize your cooling process

→ to request a consultation for your old chiller disposal or obsolete chiller with R22 refrigerant gas


CF Chiller is a certificated company that can help its clients to verify the compliance of your water chiller with reference to the F-GAS regulation.

CF Chiller certification number: IR077287.


write us at 

call us at number +39 049 8792774  

send us a fax at: +39 049 8797940