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CF Chiller Frigoriferi offers to its customers maintenance and service of the water chillers and heat pumps after the intallation. Our CF technicians will take care of the chillers and heat pumps in order to prevent demages and keep the machines efficiency high as well as the performance constant.


The CF Chiller Frigoriferi service includes:



 During the order placement it’s possible to arrange the first start of the chiller wherever it’s installed. Depending on the destination of the chiller, the first start includes:

 in Italy: our CF technicians can always make the first start of the chiller, as long as it was agreed during the order placement. Otherwise, our CF sales team is always helpful and can arrange the service even at a later time.  The first start procedure consists of checking the correct installation of the water chiller or heat pump and the first power-on. Our technicians verify that the chiller works well, carefully check the electrial parameters and the pressure values of the water and refrigerant gas. During this important phase, our CF team can give information about the correct way to use the maintenance manual, the chiller functioning and how to eventually modify the microprocessor settings.


Out of Italy: the chiller first start procedure can be done thanks to the distributors belonging to our  CF Chiller Frigoriferi worldwide sales network. Therefore, the company can guarantee technical support from specialized technicians beyond Italy.

 Outside the national borders, the chiller or heat pump first start can be done directly by our CF technicians in case of special units customized considering the client specific requirements. In this case the procedure is arranged involving the local distributor and considering the arrangement agreed during the order placement.




CF Chiller Frigoriferi offers the possibility to require the maintenance service. This activity provides the development of a scheduled number of interventions on the water chiller or heat pump, after the installation. This planned ordinary maintenance service permits the owner to take care of the new chiller preventing anomalies and problems and to keep constant the performances of the machine.




If your own water chiller is still working using R22 refrigerant gas, you should pay attention to the fact that this particular gas is very polluting and harmful to the environment. Indeed, according to the Regulation (EC) No 2037/2000 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 29 June 2000 on substances that deplete the ozone layer, this refrigerant gas has been forbidden in the new machineries production and also in the maintenance activities of old installations.

 CF Chiller Frigoriferi  is always willing to replace obsolete chillers supplying a new one compliant with the international regulations and also desposes of the old chillers working with R22 refrigerant gas.

 Moreover, CF Chiller Frigorifery is very sesitive to the environmental protection and favorable to the replacement of old chillers and heat pumps using R22 refrigerant gas. Therefore our company gives a special bonus to enchourage the new chiller buying: PRO-CLEAN ENVIRONMENT DISCOUNT.

 Just like us, our abroad distributors believe in the cause and subscribe the PRO-CLEAN ENVIRONMENT DISCOUNT. Consequently, if you have an old system with R22 refrigerant gas: no fear! We can reach you wherever you are: our effort for a clean world have no borders.




All our water chillers and heat pumps are completed by user’s and maintenance manual which always comes with the unit. The manual si available in many different languages (Italian, English, French, Russian, Spanish etc.), then ask for the copy in your own language for the best consultation.

 Inside the manual you’ll find all the information you’ll need for operations like: the correct handling of the chiller, the first start, settings change, pressure values check, what to do in case of unit arrest, how to read the alarms on the display and what they mean. It also contains the list of our CF contacts: our team is always ready to help in case of needs!

 In case you don’t find the manual, call our office to give us the type of model and serial number of your chiller and you’ll immediately receive a copy of the manual by email.


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